Our Story

Elle Beauty Lounge, owned and co-founded by sisters Betty and Paula, is a new and trendy beauty lounge conveniently situated in Abu Dhabi, in the modern complex across from the Etihad headquarters. Our mission is to welcome women of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities into our elegant space, where they can come together, relax, and enjoy a truly exceptional experience. At Elle, our commitment is to provide an incredible ambiance, ensuring that every visit is an opportunity for you to unwind, feel cherished, and truly pampered. We want you to savor this time just for yourself, feeling loved and special in an environment that radiates a sense of belonging.

Be The 'Elle' Of Your Own Story

At Elle Beauty Lounge, we firmly believe in empowering you to “Be the Elle of your own story.” This slogan is more than just a phrase; it captures the essence of our brand and our dedication to providing a space where you can wholeheartedly embrace your individuality and take charge of your beauty and well-being.

“Be the Elle of your own story” is more than a catchy tagline; it’s an invitation to craft your narrative, define your unique beauty, and feel confident in your own skin. We invite you to embark on this journey with us, as we are here to support and enhance your natural beauty, assisting you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Discover The Elle Experience.

At Elle Beauty Lounge, you are not just a client; you are an essential part of our family. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to become a meaningful part of your beauty story.

Meet Betty Sadek


Meet the driving force behind Elle, our founder and visionary, Betty. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Dubai, Betty’s journey of learning and growth ultimately led her to the world of beauty and entrepreneurship.

Betty’s educational journey took her to the prestigious American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon, where she earned her degree in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resource and Entrepreneurship. With a passion for business and a flair for connecting with people, she refined her skills and acquired a wealth of knowledge.

Betty is a social butterfly who thrives on attending gatherings, meeting new people, and connecting with fellow business enthusiasts and ambitious individuals. But what truly ignites her spirit is her love for food; Betty is a devoted foodie who revels in the company of others who share her passion.

Her professional journey is a testament to her versatility. She’s ventured into various industries, working in diverse settings and organizations, gaining invaluable experience in construction, retail, media, real estate, and events. In 2015, Betty, alongside her sister Paula launched Nailbox Beauty Salon in Abu Dhabi, a venture they have nurtured and grown with dedication. Fast forward to 2023, and Betty, alongside her sister Paula, has set her sights on a new endeavor. Together, they’re bringing you Elle—a luxurious, trendy, and lively beauty lounge. Elle aims to create the perfect ambiance for its valued clients, offering a truly distinctive and rejuvenating experience.

Meet Paula Sadek


Introducing Paula, the dynamic force behind Elle and a vital partner in our beauty journey. Like Betty, Paula was born and raised in Dubai and went on to further her education at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon. There, she graduated from the Business School with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Fine Arts and Arts History. Paula’s innate talent lies in her ability to connect with people from all walks of life. She has a natural gift for bringing out the best in others, making her a genuine people person. Paula’s heart beats to the rhythm of dance, a lifelong passion that continues to inspire her.

Yet, Paula’s dedication doesn’t end with dance. Her love for fitness sparked in early 2018 when she embarked on a gym training journey. It swiftly integrated into her daily routine and lifestyle, committing an hour to movement every day, ensuring her holistic well-being.
In 2015, Paula, in collaboration with her sister Betty co-founded Nailbox Beauty Salon in Abu Dhabi. This venture was marked by dedication and a commitment to excellence, values that continue to define their work.

Now, in 2023, Paula and her sister Betty are embarking on their next shared endeavor with the opening of Elle, a luxurious, trendy, and lively beauty lounge. The sisters bring a unique synergy to their projects, as their differing personalities and complementary skill sets come together to create something truly exceptional.

Stay tuned as we, the sisters, continue our shared journey with Elle, your destination for beauty, style, and rejuvenation. Join us in this exciting new chapter and let us help you shine as brightly as you deserve.